Three Things I Learned at the Innotech eMarketing Summit: Next Gen Social

May 09 2013


As part of the Mambo team, I had the opportunity to attend last week’s eMarketing Summit and the luncheon keynote panel, “Think Tank: Next Gen Social.”  The panel was eloquently hosted by our very own Siouxsie Jennett and featured distinguished guests: Katja Asaro of Henry V Events, Jennifer Davis of Planar Systems, and Frank Mungeam of KGW.  Over the course of the hour, we heard lively discussion from the panelists about how social media is changing the way their businesses work.  Check out Frank’s Storify recap of the #emsvw social feed as well.

Three ideas that stood out to me:

  • Jennifer-Davis2Public speaking is becoming more unplanned and conversational.  You will notice now that during most presentations, audience eyes are looking down at a device and not at the person speaking.  Speaking events have been forever changed from  a planned one-way delivery of content from the speaker to the audience into an almost improve-like experience.  Social media has become a tool for audience members to give real-time feedback, and provides the speaker an opportunity to adjust the message mid-stream to engage and hold attention.  In this case, our savvy panel sourced content from the audience using the hashtag #emsw.
  • The panel shared so many examples of other ways social media wrests control from an individual or small group and awards it to the masses for benefit of all.   Not only does social media change the presenter/audience dynamic, we learned that it has fundamentally changed how traditional media outlets, such as broadcast TV, tap new leads for unique, unduplicated community perspective.    We were offered repeated examples of how powerful it can be when organizations make social media everyone’s responsibility and truly listen to the conversations that its audiences are having.  As Jennifer Davis summed it up, it’s no longer B2B or B2C, but B2P (person).
  • Convergence of social media with technology platforms is getting even more interesting.  In the case of digital signage, an existing technology can be used to create entirely new, immersive experiences.  Mambo’s VividWall is a perfect example.  Our digital natives are so used to turning toward screens, anything printed is nearly lost on them.   A whole new area of opportunity emerges when you pair social media conversations with interactive digital signage platforms, especially when it comes to events.


A special thanks to Greg Harned, our resident mixologist, for keeping the panel especially lively.



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