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Small Business
Nov 24 2021

We are incredibly grateful to have overcome the variety of challenges many businesses faced over the past few years, although not all companies or individuals have had the same experience. Being that we’re all working remotely here at Mambo Media, we’re deeply invested in each of our communities and supporting the businesses around us – including our amazing clients.


This year we wanted to highlight a few of our businesses that mean a lot to us and our communities, and maybe you’ll find something for you or your family to help support small businesses. Even visiting their website and exploring can provide benefits to the company, so enjoy.


Kalley Danese | Content Manager | Portland, Oregon 

One of my favorite small, local businesses in Portland, OR, is Soma Kombucha. I love their no-waste/sustainable focus, variety of flavors, and unique branding.


Noori LeeDemand Generation Manager | Austin, Texas 

There’s a store called Great Outdogs – I don’t think they have a website (there is another company called The Great Outdogs, but I don’t think it’s the same store). However, this news article basically encompasses everything I love about Matt, Teggun, and their whole vibe. He helped us out when (my dog) Kaiser was sick, and I watched Teggun grow up in that store. I love them both and want them to thrive.


I’m glad Parker Jazz Club reopened and hope more people support them.


Hi-Tech Automotive is our mechanic down the street. He’s so busy and so honest that I don’t think he wants or needs more business.


Chef Andy and the staff at Soto are hard-working, talented and treat us like family. They just opened a Houston location, and I love/hate how busy they are now.


They’re not exactly small, but I’ll go to Book People or Alamo Drafthouse every time before I go to Amazon or AMC. 


Sidney Wilder | Account Manager | Boulder, Colorado 

Gabee Coffee! Gabee Coffee is a local coffee shop in Boulder, CO. They are master coffee roasters and make the coolest latte art (think cute pumpkins for fall, or encouraging phrases like, “You Got This” or…cats!). Not only is their coffee fantastic, but they are so friendly and welcoming to everyone. If you go there enough, they will remember your order. That’s how you know you’ve made it. 😉 


Taylor Sievers | Social Media Manager | Central Point, Oregon 

Crater Café is a local coffee shop that’s been my place of zen. It bleeds Oregon, the staff is always welcoming and eager to catch up, and it’s a great place to work from when the power or internet goes out at my home. Additionally, a local restaurant nearby called The Point has been a staple for me to visit with friends for a drink or bring the family to for dinner. The food is always great, it’s right downtown, and the staff is always welcoming. 


Jessica Pace | Web Developer | Montgomery, Alabama 

Urban Planting in Cleveland, Ohio! Not local to me, but a special place in my heart! It’s a small, family-oriented business that specializes in plants and planting needs. Our close friends Elio and Monica have repeatedly proven how hard work and commitment to the things you love can make a living what you do the most rewarding job! 


Lisa Slaven | Managing Director | Portland, Oregon 

One of my favorite Portland businesses is Stella’s Kitchen. They keep me fed with delicious, locally sourced meals, and their team is a delight!


Siouxsie Jennett | CEO | Santa Barbara, California 

Paula was in my Digital Marketing class at WEV, and she is awesome! She makes organic, locally-sourced salsas at Sabor de Paulita that are just fabulosa. 😊  


Jamie Allen | Account Manager | San Diego, California

Here are some of my neighborhood small businesses! 🙂

Lofty Coffee Co.| Fresh Roasted Coffee | San Diego

Atacama Surf Shop

Vino Carta Wine Store and Bar


Paul Hamerton-Kelly | COO | Santa Barbara, California 

I’ve really enjoyed using Brian Alexander’s services recently at Lonewolf Suspension. Cool guy with an incredible story, and I love to see someone’s dream coming true. He has a small storefront on a side street in Santa Barbara, but he now has customers worldwide shipping their stuff to him for service, and I can drive 10 minutes to his shop.

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