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Feb 12 2016

Meet Jane’s Vanity


The Organization


The Jane’s Vanity brand is devoted to beauty, grace, and form. For over twenty years the owner, Jane, has been carefully curating the finest collections of lingerie, loungewear, and intimate accessories from around the world. Each piece is hand selected by small-production designers, many of whom the Jane’s Vanity team visits at the Paris International Design Show. Seeking the finest artistry and craftsmanship, Jane’s Vanity has built a loyal following of customers, albeit primarily of the Portland market.


The Situation


Jane’s Vanity was looking for a strategic marketing firm to partner with to translate their elegant brand effectively to the online environment and grow their eCommerce business into a thriving endeavor.  Since the recent closing of their brick-and-mortar, Jane’s Vanity entirely relies on online sales, and sales from west coast trunk shows. The brand has a unique offering of hand-selected international pieces that has the potential to be very competitive in a growing lingerie market. However, in order to capture their sophisticated audience, their website needed to meet the standards of the 21st century digital user and that of the luxury industry.


Our Strategic Approach


We believe that Jane’s Vanity has a unique opportunity to build a beautiful and engaging website that supports their business objective, serves their discerning prospects, and ultimately drives top-line revenue growth. To accomplish that we proposed and executed a website redesign that would be optimal for modern mobile and e-commerce users. We included best practice UX, refreshed branding, and an easy path to purchase for online shoppers. We then created a strategy for blogging, SEO and landing page development for custom targeted campaigns that would support an ongoing Omnichannel strategy.


After The Redesign




The goal of the homepage was to showcase the brand culture, improve user-experience for modern eCommerce shoppers and increase Jane Vanity’s brand reputation within the luxury lingerie market.  In order to accomplish these goals we implemented vibrant banners with strong calls to action, visual cues that guide users to lingerie collections and highlighted key pages such as the newly designed lookbook and promotion for upcoming events.



Mambo Media brand makeover for Jane's Vanity




To increase conversions, Mambo Media and Jane’s Vanity implemented a lookbook that would bring to life the luxurious collections of lingerie, enabling the user to shop for products in a more interactive way.



 Mambo Media Case Study for Website Redesign


Detailed Product Page 


Our overall goal was to improve user-experience. In order to accomplish this we implemented some key features that allow users to quickly select and add items to their cart, as well as continue to shop based on style preferences.


JanesCaseStudyImage4withNotes V3




We designed a modern and sophisticated website that focused on providing a best in class user-experience to engage visitors. Targeted audiences spent more time on the website shopping for products that would ultimately lead to increased conversions.



JVL first 30 days

 brand awareness

Take a Look Before the Redesign




Jane's Vanity Homepage


Product Overview Page


JVL product overview page

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