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Jun 02 2015

Mambo Media has been a proud partner of inbound marketing and sales platform HubSpot since 2014. We are thrilled to announce that we recently took our HubSpot partnership to the next level, earning silver partner status! We are excited to be able to offer even more inbound marketing expertise to our clients and maximize their investment in HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing software solution.

What does it take to Become a HubSpot Silver Partner?

Not just anyone can become a HubSpot certified agency silver level partner. Agencies are evaluated based on the expertise of their employees and other “partner metrics” that measure how successful the agency is at maximizing their client’s HubSpot implementations.

Certified Agency Staff:

HubSpot offers several inbound marketing certifications and requires all partners to be both HubSpot Inbound and HubSpot Partner certified, at a minimum. In addition to holding the required certifications, several members of Mambo’s marketing automation team are also certified in HubSpot and HubSpot Design. We are dedicated to expanding our expertise to support the needs of our marketing automation clients through team member education and certification.

HubSpot Partner Metrics:
All partners are measured on the following metrics:

• Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
• Client retention
• Software engagement
• Inbound marketing success

HubSpot’s Partner Program acknowledges agency partners who have executed inbound marketing services to the highest standards and that have deep understanding of HubSpot’s inbound marketing methodology and all-in-one marketing software solution.

Why Being a HubSpot Partner Matters:

There are a lot of agencies that offer marketing automation services, but not all of them have the appropriate certifications. For organizations looking to partner with an agency to help them with their marketing automation readiness and implementation it is important to verify that an agency has the expertise to do so. A HubSpot Certified Agency Partner provides validation of the depth of an agency’s inbound expertise.

How Marketing Automation can Benefit your Business:

Marketing Automation refers to software platforms and tools that allow marketing and sales organizations to manage and nurture leads through multiple channels (email, social, website, search, etc.) while automating repetitive tasks. An effective implementation of marketing automation means you can convert more leads to sales, shorten your sales cycle and keep your sales team focused on leads that are ready to close.

Marketing Automation Services Mambo Media Offers:

Mambo can provide the marketing automation strategies and internal readiness activities to help you identify and implement the marketing automation platform and practices that will be best for you; taking your marketing efforts–and business results– to the next level. We focus on effective lead generation strategies to provide the most qualified leads.


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