Like Yin and Yang: B2B Social Media and Search

Oct 01 2010

The BtoB Magazine webinar on “Finding B2B Marketing Success Integrating Social Media and Search Marketing” was right up Mambo Media’s alley. Here are key takeaways from the Sept 16 event:

1. Don’t forget Search for Social!

Even if we understand “Social for Search” (using search keywords in our social media efforts), we may not be utilizing the reverse concept (“Search for Social”). We should be integrating the keywords we find in social media monitoring into our website and other SEO efforts.

For example, Living Harvest optimized a page on their website for dairy free frozen dessert until they realized that Facebook and Twitter discussions referred to their product as hemp ice cream.  Now, they use hemp ice cream as a keyword, both in social media conversations and for improved website SEO, even though technically their frozen dessert is not ice cream.



2. Linking becomes Linkbaiting

Linking between websites used to be a key element of SEO. But in the past 12-24 months, most linking has been happening in social media conversations, so linkbaiting no longer has the desired effects on search engine rankings.

When you include a link to your website or blog in social media conversations, it usually doesn’t improve your page score in the eyes of the search engines.  However, Google’s spiders may crawl your site more frequently, which would play a factor in your search engine rankings.

3. Reap what you sow!

If you’re going to do paid search, improve your click through rate (CTR) by integrating social media. For example, add keywords and customer testimonials you find in social media to your ad text and ad call to action links.


According to BtoB’s research, the “best” social/search companies use social media conversations to enhance their paid search 62% more frequently than the “rest.”


These are some specific examples, but to summarize:  SEO should be a consideration in every social media strategy – and social media can play a part in just about everything we do for search engine rankings!

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