Instagram 3.0: How to Use Photo Map for B2B

Aug 17 2012

If you’re wondering how your brand would even use Instagram, you’re not alone. It’s not always clear how a visual channel can integrate into B2B outreach, especially if your products or services are less visual.

When I upgraded my Instagram to v3.0 yesterday and took a photo, I noticed a new option that offered to Add to Photo Map. The Instagram Photo Map allows users to show photos by location in a Google Map. Since we can choose which photos we want to add to the Photo Map, it allows for privacy while also creating opportunities for B2B outreach.

I’d like to share three ideas for using the Instagram 3.0 Photo Map for B2B:

1. Employee recruitment

Share Instagram photos of employees who are hard at work, along with photos that showcase the fun times at your office. Put your office’s Photo Map on the employee recruitment page of your website to make prospective employees (and everyone else) feel like they have an idea of what your company culture is all about.

As a bonus, prospective employees will also see photos from your neighbors on the map. Are there great restaurants in the area? A park? Show the advantages of working in your office neighborhood.

2. Gamification

If your organization has multiple offices, use a Photo Map to show your office locations and photos uploaded from each office. For fun (and to increase the number of office photos), run a contest based on employee-submitted photos.

You can also visualize the advantages of your product or service by running a customer contest. Ask customers to upload photos to the Photo Map that show how they are using your product or service. Now your Photo Map will show that your customers come from far and wide – or just down the block!

3. Events

How can you use the Photo Map for events?

  • Give a prize to attendees who include the best photos tagged with the event venue in the Photo Map
  • Share Photo Map images in a loop on a large screen at the event
  • Share Photo Map images from the venue on your event website, and promote that link on all event social media channels

Visual geolocation can be a difficult topic for B2B marketers, especially if there aren’t beautiful products to showcase. Instagram’s new Photo Map allows B2B marketers to share photos in new ways, based on location instead of time.

How will you use Photo Map for B2B outreach?


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