Vlog – How to Prepare for Marketing Automation

Nov 12 2015


Greg Harned, Mambo Media’s Senior Director of Marketing Technology discusses what modern organizations need to know to be prepared for marketing automation. Watch the video, or read below for key insights and takeaways.


What is the first step in a marketing automation readiness program?


A team that is taking on marketing automation for the first time will want to make sure that they have really tight alignment between marketing and sales. I’d say one of the biggest challenges that we’ve seen are when sales and marketing organizations are not aligned. Establishing alignment early on in the process will insure that all marketing activities and sales enablement processes will be much more successful as they start to get through more readiness and implementation


What part of marketing automation readiness takes longer than expected?


One process that takes a pretty long time is defining the life cycle and defining the funnel. There are a lot of studies that show that the majority of B2B businesses don’t have their funnel defined. Often times, this may be the first time that an organization is discussing what sales calls a lead, what marketing calls a lead, what is a marketing qualified lead or what is an opportunity. This can be really diverse, so it can take a little back and forth to achieve alignment. However, it’s important to ensure that you are collecting good data and that the data is agreed upon throughout the organization


What’s the biggest misconception about marketing automation readiness?


One misconception that happens a lot in relation to market technology, is that the tool is going to automatically fix all of a company’s marketing and sales problems. A tool is just that— it’s a tool— but having a really good strategy and backing it up with strong organizational alignment and support for adopting that tool is what is going to eventually enable a company to be successful.


What is your favorite part about marketing automation readiness?


One of my favorite elements of the marketing automation process is helping marketing and sales realize the power of technology. Marketing automation can help to do things that before seemed like pure fantasy. Marketing automation allows teams to come up with creative ways solve problems and inefficiencies that previously took a really long time. It also allows companies to achieve things that previously seemed like wild dream—for example, being able to understand what your prospects are doing on the website. Companies are able to recognize the potential of marketing automation features and are then able to place those features in marketing and sales’ fingertips.


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