How to Make the Most Out of Marketo Summit

Apr 26 2016

Are you planning to attend Marketo’s Summit conference? Follow Mambo’s tips to not only survive, but thrive while at one of the most anticipated marketing conferences of the year.


Plan Ahead—You Gain a lot More from the Event


Take a look at the conference schedule and plan out the activities, networking events and educational sessions that you want to attend. There will be a TON of people to meet, sights to see, events to experience, and industry experts to learn from. Without a plan, you may easily end up spinning your wheels and accomplishing very little. You don’t want to return home with only a few pieces of swag and a Marketo Munchkin koozie after all your efforts and time!


First, think about what you’re hoping to accomplish at the event. Then spend some time researching who is going to be there (influencers, prospects, talent, etc.). I recently posted some key Not to Miss Events that you should plan on attending. Make sure that you are aware of the dreaded “Session Overlap”—you’ll likely have to make compromises when deciding on which sessions to attend.


I would also suggest broadening your horizons. It’s always good to dream bigger at the Marketo Summit. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Make new connections using the Marketo Summit App. Participate in social media conversations. Get your company out there!

Take Screen Shots of Business Cards and Presentation Slides


You are going to meet some amazing people that you will want to connect with after you return home from Summit. You will meet contacts at sessions, parties, lunches, dinners and on the showroom floor. Take pictures of their business cards. Make notes about why they were relevant or interesting to connect with, and how you could partner with them in the future.


Take pictures of your favorite presentation slides and write down your brilliant marketing ideas and technical solutions that you may forget later. Marketo may be delayed at uploading presentations to their Microsite. Weeks later, these moments and nuggets of brilliance can slip through the cracks and will be gone for good or until next year. Capitalize on your inspiration in real time!


Parties are Key to the Summit Experience


Parties can be an embellishment, but why not embellish? You might learn and achieve more at parties than at the actual event. Look outside of the Marketo sponsored events at the hosted parties from service providers, partnering technologies and sponsors. This is a great way to get out of the “Purple Haze” and network with people just like you, who have something to offer and may become very valuable to you down the road.


Mambo will be co-hosting a client appreciation event with our partner Elixiter on Monday Night. We will be bringing all of our best and brightest clients together, along with our favorite Marketo folks, into one big fun tank!



Do you have any Marketo Summit Survival Tips? Share them below! Or, reach out to Mambo if you would like to connect while at the conference.

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