Commenting on Industry Blogs

Feb 21 2010

The most common piece of advice social media marketers give to clients is: ENGAGE!  Engage with your users, site visitors, fans, critics, analysts, potential employees – heck, anyone who is paying attention to your product or brand offer.

When you post something, you’d like to know someone is taking notice of the content you worked long and hard to produce. The same goes for your peers in your industry or client’s industry.  The easiest way to galvanize an audience is to start commenting on their content. They will take notice of an astute reader, and reciprocate.

Respond to a blogger’s post, publically. Offer a different point-of-view, or politely disagree with a reasoned argument. Pay them a real compliment, or better yet, refer them to your blog/site where you address a congruent concern. Always be transparent: mention your firm, your work or your title. Assert your area of expertise, but approach your commentary as if engaging in conversation. Invite other readers to weigh in on the conversation. Sprinkle your entries with relative brand names and SEO terms.

The biggest barrier to doing this is time. Schedule two hours per week to comment on colleague or relevant blogs. Dedicate another hour an week to writing your own blog – and watch your subscribers and influence increase.

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