When Celebrities Tweet: 3-Point Strategy to Leverage Celebrity Power, Part 2

Apr 28 2010

2. Be Responsive

Okay, so now the tweet goes out and all sorts of craziness hits the internet.  People are excited, they want to know more, they are begging for answers to questions from this 140 character tease… Now’s the time to take action and be responsive!

  • Thank your celebrity and give him/her an update – first and foremost, thank your celebrity.  Ideally you do this via email so that you can adequately express your gratitude, then tweet your thanks.  Be sure to include an update of what the impact was of his/her tweet.  And if there’s any situation that arises, keep your celeb updated in the loop.
  • Answer all the questions – In our case, our celeb tweeted about the health benefits of our product and this was the first time many people had heard about this and they wanted to know more.  So we hunkered down and answered EVERY question that was put forth in response to our celeb’s tweet, including a call to action (“become a fan to learn more on X”).  With our celeb’s permission, we also included his @celebrity so that those filtering and listening for @celebrity were sure to see our responses.
  • Include a call to action – I know I’m repeating myself, but it’s so often forgotten in the heat of the moment.  Be sure to have a clear call to action in every answer tweet you send.  “Become a FB fan and learn more”
  • Leverage hashtags – Hashtags are a strategic way to extend the momentum of your celeb tweet.  What are common hashtags related to your vertical, product offering, or service?  Include those AND your @celebrity handle and you have a powerful new target audience to entice.
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Siouxsie Jennett
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