2019 Digital Marketing Trends: The Best Customer Experience Will Require Data-Driven Creativity

2019 Predictions: The Best Customer Experience Will Require Data-Driven Creativity -
Jan 11 2019

Mambo’s Top 2019 Digital Marketing Trends: Trend #1


As customers continue to demand personalized, hyper-relevant, and interactive experiences, 2019 will require brands to make customer experience an equally creative and data-driven priority. Brands by and large have accepted the fact that content is at the core of their marketing efforts, but how we combine data and creativity to optimize content for the user will set successful brands apart from their competition.


According to McKinsey research, two things are happening in 2019: Companies looking to integrate the disciplines of data and creativity are shifting their hiring strategy to find “whole-brained talent,” who showcase both left- and right-brained capabilities. They also found that organizations that combine these two skills in their day-to-day practices drive twice the growth of companies that manage them separately.


In order to accomplish this, we’ll see more departmental silos break down so teams cross-functionally can support a data-driven approach to creativity. Creatives will also be more required than ever to activate data at each stage of the buyers journey to make quicker content-related decisions and be more agile in our fast-paced online environment.


What you can do:


  • Build a collaborative, not a competitive culture. Create an environment that encourages cooperation across teams and departments – all are accountable for supporting the ultimate customer experience
  • Invest in data analytics training for creative teams, not just your tech teams




Jana Kopp
Director of Marketing, Customer Experience

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