2019 Digital Marketing Trends: It’s Time to Focus on Gen Z

2019 Digital Marketing Trends: It’s Time to Focus on Gen Z - - 2019 Digital Marketing Predictions
Feb 14 2019

It’s Time to Focus on Gen Z

Move over millennials – it’s time to make room for Generation Z. Unlike their predecessors, Gen Zers are true digital natives; the internet and social media have been an integral part of their lives since early childhood. Gen Zers make up 25% of the American population and will represent 40% of consumers by 2020. As this segment will soon have unprecedented buying power, brands need to take a customer-centric approach to their marketing and appeal to this younger generation’s values.


Gen Zers don’t have patience for lackluster digital experiences as they were born with smartphones in their hands, so investment in optimal digital UX and CX is no longer optional. They expect interesting and unique content across multiple channels, and video format is king. YouTube beat out Facebook in terms of total traffic in 2018, which makes sense considering 72% of Gen Zers visit YouTube daily. Knowing where Gen Z spends their time online will be crucial for brands looking to target this age group, and these preferences could continue to change as platforms evolve and new ones gain popularity.


Storytelling as opposed to traditional advertising resonates more with this audience, so brand investment in content marketing will continue to increase. Gen Zers heavily value authenticity from brands and do not exhibit strong brand loyalty. They care less about having an emotional connection to a brand compared to millennials, and instead they value straight-forward messaging that represents brands in a genuine way. Another notable difference from millennials: Gen Zers prefer cool products over cool experiences. Marketers, pay attention – Gen Zers will continue to display unique buying behavior as they get older and earn higher incomes.


So, is it time to revisit your brand’s marketing to Gen Z? Check out these brands that are already making headway with Gen Z for some inspiration for your marketing plans.




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