Persona Development

Walk a mile in their shoes. Bring your customers to life through data-driven personification.

Are you looking to better connect with your prospects and existing customers? Have you tested messaging that fails to keep your brand competitive in the marketplace? Do you want a holistic content strategy based on real customer data?


Yes to all the above? We’re glad you found us! Whether your business is growing and you need to be more strategic, sales are declining and you need to modernize, or you’re just trying to expand to a new audience or demographic, developing personas is one of the key ways we can help you accomplish your goals and get your business on the right path to creating personalized content that matters.


Audience discovery and persona development are crucial foundations that should guide your entire marketing strategy – from defining your content and messaging strategy, driving design decisions and website architecture, to informing key actions that will delight your customers at every stage of their buying journey – they allow teams to deeply understand their audience’s challenges, needs, aspirations, and buying behaviors. Through custom workshops, research, and data analysis, we help companies discard assumptions and operate on thorough and validated findings.


By developing personas with Mambo, you can personalize your marketing efforts to truly resonate with your audience, drive leads, and build loyalty for your brand.

Let’s dig in and uncover real, actionable insights!

    The top five benefits of personalization include increased visitor engagement (55%), improved customer experience (55%), improved brand perception (39%), increased conversion rates (51%) and increased lead generation and customer acquisition (46%).

    Custom Persona Workshops

    Working closely with your team we strive to better understand what really matters to your audience — not just their occupation or age range. We identify your key target segments and then unearth the tidbits that will allow us to deeply differentiate their pain points, aspirations, and buying behaviors.

    What you get:
    • Expert workshop facilitation
    • Discovery that leverages your industry expertise to impact the outcome
    • Alignment and learning among your team and/or departments
    • Methodology that cultivates empathy for your audience

    Qualitative & Quantitative Research

    Shift to a data-driven & customer-first marketing strategy by validating your team’s understanding of your audience with real data. We’ll find out if those assumptions are right, we’ll fill in any of the gaps, and we’ll uncover insights that drive real impact and inspiration.

    What you get
    • Validation of assumptions
    • Deep secondary research and data synthesis
    • Alignment and learning among your team and/or departments
    • Informative industry-specific findings

    Your Persona Profiles

    One of our favorite things about personas? Your custom persona profiles bring your audience to life. They enable cross departmental and stakeholder alignment, and can impact real product and service innovation for your organization. But first and foremost, they guide a best-in-class content and messaging strategy.

    What you get
    • Synthetization of data, research, and workshop findings
    • Custom and detailed narrative for each key segment
    • Tactical and strategic insights on how to attract and delight your customers
    • Information that drives business decisions and personalized communication

    “Mambo’s persona development process is extremely thorough – they leave no stone unturned – from the initial workshop, all the way through to the outstanding final deliverable. They were able to take our broad, yet very nuanced audience, and craft a meaningful output that Norwich Pro has used as a foundation for our ongoing marketing strategy. These personas are a high-value asset and will help guide our marketing efforts for years to come.”

    Kristen Pedersen, PhD

    Director of Continuing and Professional Education

    Norwich University

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