Content Development

Create the right content, to share at the right time, with the right audience–and watch your marketing efforts multiply!

Content is what propels inbound marketing. If you are looking to implement a successful inbound marketing plan, you’ll need high-quality content assets that target your audience at each stage of their buyer’s journey. The right kind of assets can drive inbound traffic and generate leads, but the process of brainstorming and creating compelling content can be daunting – especially if you don’t have an editorial team or writing staff.


From listicles to how-to’s to infographics to videos, Mambo will work with you to determine what kind of content is going to resonate best with your customers. Our team of experienced content strategists and copy writers will create unique and custom content that is applicable to each of your marketing channels. We can also help you discover if you have any existing content that can be repurposed into fresh assets.


For every stage of the decision-making process, we’ll develop content that will help your customers solve their problems and move them closer to purchase. Reach out, and let’s get started on content assets that will educate, entertain and persuade your customers to buy.

Let’s create some assets that will set your inbound marketing strategy in motion!

    Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.

    Design & Copywriting

    We have top graphic designers and copywriters on our team who can tell your story in whatever form your content strategy calls for. Combining marketing expertise to determine what approach will best fit your goals, audiences, and channels, with creative technical skills in design and copy, we ensure content gets produced without the fuss or delays. And if your overall brand needs an overhaul first, we have design services for you.

    What you get:
    • Custom design, ideation, and production
    • Marketing copywriting for every content style
    • Website copy
    • Blog copy
    • Short and longform copywriting
    • And more

    Video Strategy & Development

    Sometimes the only way to tell a story is through video. From long-form commercial videos to short-form vignettes, Mambo has a long history of concepting and developing video content that captures the attention of prospects and helps move them through the buyer’s journey.

    What you get
    • Strategy, storyboards, and concept development
    • Identification of talent, resources, and location
    • Filming production and post-production
    • Video promotion and deployment strategy

    Event Collateral

    Participating in a trade show or an event is a great way for customers to have a direct experience with your brand. To put your best foot forward, you’ll need cohesive assets that communicates your message in a well-defined, impactful way. Our team can concept and create a package sure to impress.

    What you get
    • Promotional content
    • Banners and signage
    • Table top runners and table tents
    • Invitations and programs
    • Pre, during, and post-event asset support

    Marketing Assets

    You’ll need high-converting branded assets to lead your customers along the buyer’s path. Our graphic designers and copywriters can create the quality assets that will help convert your leads to customers.

    What you get
    • Ebook and whitepapers
    • Infographic
    • Posters
    • One-pagers
    • Process diagrams
    • Case studies
    • And more
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    “Mambo is our go-to resource for content. From strategic campaign development, to creative messaging and copywriting, to innovative graphic design, Mambo is able to understand our goals and deliver meaningful results that keep our initiatives fresh and engaging.”

    Shaun Melander

    Vice President, Service Operations

    Vestas Americas

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