Oct 06 2016

Everything You Need to Know About the New Google Possum Update

By Wendy Hwang   A few weeks ago, Google released a new algorithm update affecting its Local Search results, also known as Google Places, Map Pack, and Google Maps. The algorithm was dubbed “Google Possum” by the SEO industry. Prior to the update, it had been extremely difficult for businesses located outside city center limits to appear in the Local Pack search results (found between the paid results and organic listings). This was a major pain point! It hurt local establishments that did business in major cities but were physically located just outside the perimeter. It was a frustration for many service businesses...

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Apr 08 2016

Infographic: Meet Gen Z

Are you currently marketing to Gen Z?  This generation, comprised of teens and kids 18 years old and younger, is currently 60 million-strong and already has huge spending power and economic influence. Take a look at Mambo’s latest infographic to learn more about these marketing game changers or read our blog post that outlines some of their values, needs and behaviors....

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Jan 12 2016

Contextual Marketing – How to Personalize your Customer Experience

Content has long been the lifeblood of inbound marketing, but the volume has increased to such gargantuan proportions that consumers quickly fatigue even if the content is phenomenal. Time and attention are increasingly limited and experienced consumers are highly trained to tune out irrelevant content. Savvy brands have adapted to the changing landscape by using big data to add relevancy to the customer experience....

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