Vestas: Extreme Safety

Overall Objective of the Campaign:

Vestas, a pioneering wind energy company, hired Mambo Media to create a safety program to reach remote, dispersed turbine technicians. Vestas did not need to change the amount or type of safety training technicians received, but sought to change the way the technicians regarded personal and team safety on the job.

Techs were deeply set in their routines and had become indifferent to traditional corporate safety initiatives. Mambo believed a new approach to an effective safety program should:

  • Appeal to techs and their particular sensibilities
  • Offer continued engagement via a touchpoint strategy
  • Leverage and externalize the collective safety knowledge of Vestas techs
  • Engage both site managers and techs to support the program

To reach an audience that was predominantly young, male, independent and highly risk-tolerant, Mambo designed and implemented the Extreme Safety campaign.  This campaign featured:

  • New Extreme Safety branding and logo that meshed well with the technicians’ self-image and lifestyle, and was very different from corporate branding
  • Multiple platforms to regularly engage techs and managers including:
    • An Extreme Safety website and forum with monthly safety themes and weekly updates
    • Posters for on-site placement and awareness generation featuring Vestas safety “hero” techs
    • Extreme Safety branded collateral including stickers, posters, and apparel
    • Specially-produced Extreme Safety videos emphasizing existing training guidelines and safety principles
    • Tech-submitted Real Stories that Mambo edited into an ongoing Real Story video mini-campaign
    • Safety awareness team-building events
    • Contests encouraging on-site and off-site engagement
    • Weekly Extreme Safety branded emails of thematic safety initiatives

What strategy did you use to complete the campaign?

The Bradley Curve
The Bradley Curve is a metric Vestas uses to assess their safety culture and provide a roadmap for improvement. Their goal is to move their safety culture to the far right end of the Bradley curve where all technicians are committed to the safety of their colleagues and teammates,

The Bradley Curve played a key role in guiding Mambo’s strategy, since advancement within the Bradley Curve has a direct correlation in the reduction of workplace injuries.  At launch, Vestas ranked as “dependent” on the Bradley Curve.

Initial Branding and Messaging Development
Extreme Safety took a drastic departure from existing Vestas branding and messaging with a “For Techs, By Techs” theme with supportive language and visual style. The campaign was divided into two distinct phases, the Extreme Safety launch, and ongoing program development and management.

Phase One: Launch
On January 20th, the Extreme Safety campaign officially launched in a coordinated event that spanned every Vestas site in North America.

The Extreme Safety launch included:

  • Introduction to the Extreme Safety website with monthly safety themes and dynamic content. Features and functionality include:
    • Real Stories and Incident Reports that generate awareness of real-life hazardous events and illustrate support and steps to avoid future recurrence.
    • Messaging that reinforces the Extreme Safety theme of “care for others,” a key component of interdependence on the Bradley Curve
    • Photo and Videos that support organizational pride and team spirit
  • Team Activities
    • Personal pledge:  To support personal commitment
    • Team pledge poster:  To support organizational commitment
    • Team photo:  To support organizational pride

Phase Two: Ongoing Management and Development
Knowledge, commitment, and individual recognition are all key traits of the independent and interdependent steps of the Bradley Curve.

The ongoing Extreme Safety program includes:

  • Extreme Safety Forum where techs can share their collective knowledge, ask questions and participate in a multi-site community
  • Extreme Safety Contests that promote participation and active engagement
  • Seasonal thematic updates, since cold weather and hot weather each pose their own unique safety risks
  • Weekly emails that communicate updates and encourage regular participation

What quantifiable results do you have?

  • Continued tech-initiated engagement with the Extreme Safety website, including nearly 250 photo submissions, successful outreach with Extreme Safety emails, team activity and video contest submissions, and forum activity.
    • Avg. Open Rate: 28-40%
    • Avg. Click Through Rate: 23-28%
  • 4 Real Story submissions so far from techs willing to step to the “front lines of safety leadership”
    • The average time spent on the site is over 7 minutes with each tech viewing an average of 5 pages
    • Most impactful is that the majority of Vestas sites have now graduated into the interdependent rank with a few laggard sites ranked independent

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