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Jan 23 2014


It’s happened before and it will happen again. Someone posted something on social media that shouldn’t have been posted, an explosion at a warehouse or a scandal with a CEO. Crises are a part of running a business and it is better to be prepared for them instead of being caught off guard. There are several easy actions that can help a company better prepare for all types of crisis:...

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Aug 01 2013

Is Your Crisis Communications Go-Bag Packed?

A crisis can come even when least expected. An internal employee accidentally tweets on the company account. A disgruntled associate takes private information public. A video goes viral at an inopportune time. One customer’s complaint snowballs into a wave of negative feedback from followers. Are you prepared? In the rapid network of communication and social media, all businesses are at risk for a PR disaster to strike. No matter your company’s size, if you don’t have a crisis communications plan, a small spark could spread like wildfire and damage the reputation...

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