Author:Natalie Ayers

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Feb 07 2018

3 Ways Marketing Enables Sales for Success

In 2018, digital marketers will face continued pressure to optimize their efforts online, to generate marketing qualified leads, and to enable sales teams to close those with leads. Marketers are taking more responsibility for the sales funnel and are needing to prove the impact of their work with data. The key to success is a modern digital marketing strategy that is measurable, repeatable, and delivers results.   Luckily, platforms that support data-driven, user-first strategic marketing campaigns are stronger and more integrated than ever. (Read how Hubspot and a modern strategy increased pipeline...

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Planning Tips For Your Next Website Redesign
Jul 18 2017

Planning Tips for Your Next Website Redesign

Has it been a few years since the last time you redesigned your website? Is it time for an update? If your last website launch included one mishap after another, and you’re dreading going through that process again, we’re here to help you get started on the right track this time. Use these tips from Mambo to plan for a successful redesign, and feel confident that your new website will help to achieve your objectives.     Identify your goals for the update   The first step is to ask yourself why you are redesigning...

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